Munoz & Associates International


Munoz & Associates International bridges capital requirements all over the world.

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Munoz & Associates International facilitates the sales and purchases of diverse commodities worldwide.

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Munoz & Associates International accelerates technology transfer worldwide.

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Our Team

Munoz & Associates International has a broad based network of project consultants, associates, and contact who can facilitate multi-million and billion dollar transactions. Our network of associates are comprised of senior executives, seasoned investors, ferocious academics, entrepreneurs, and technologists – who are all committed to transform our business dreams into reality.

Our Services

Munoz & Associates International is a US-based company that specializes in the mobilization of resources from one part of the world to another. Through international market research, consulting, commodity, trading, mergers & acquisitions, finance and technology we accelerate global business.

Strategic Partners

  • Johnsen Global
  • America’s Technology Group Inc.
  • Oilman Group 
  • Technology Transfer
    • For consulting & Trading
  • International Alliance Associates
  • New Zealand Commodity Exchange
  • American Institute of Artificial Intelligence
  • Elgon Commodities Inc
  • Swaye Ventures
  • Hayek Foundation